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NewLine Services

We guarantee all of the services we offer. Our goal with every service is to get you up and running and keep you running as fast as possible. Unlike some of our competitors, if you think we missed something we're more than happy to take a second look, free of charge.


Computer Repair & Upgrades

In today's demanding society computers are a necessity. You depend on your computer for work, communication, entertainment, and more. When given the choice of being without a car or without a computer for a week, more people chose to be without their car. When your system takes a turn for the worst you need it back as soon as possible. Most if not all of our competitors not only charge more for their services, but also have a much slower turn around. Our largest local competitor, who shall remain unnamed, we've heard has taken as much as 5 weeks to fix 1 system and charges as much as $160 for virus removal (we've heard rumor of even more). It's not uncommon for us to turnaround jobs in the first 24 hours and even our longest turnaround to date was 8 days (and that was due to a shipping mix up from our supplier for a special part). And, all of our services, virus removal or otherwise, is always $50 flat for labor.

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Laptop Repair & Upgrades

Laptop repair is a completely different beast when compared to desktop repair, which is why we list them as different services. But, don't fret, we still only charge a flat $50 for laptop repair. Sure virus removal and software issues can be the same, but when dealing with faulty parts or upgrading a laptop you need someone qualified to work on your system or you could run into far worse problems. Here's a price comparison; a large tech store chain with in-store computer repair, offered to replace a screen in a laptop for one of our customers for $400 (turnaround 2-3 weeks), a local competitor said $300,... we said "Less than $150". You might be thinking, "Yea, well maybe you bought cheaper parts", nope, brand new with 1 year warranty, fixed and out the door in just 3 days.

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Cell Phone Repair

Just when you thought computer parts couldn't get any smaller now they're jamming dual-core processors and more memory into phones than computers could even support just a few years ago. Today's smart phones can cost even more than many laptops. When they start to have problems it's sometimes cheaper to have them repaired then to have them replaced. If yours is giving you trouble bring it in to NewLine and we'll let you know if it's better to have it repaired or replaced. Same labor rate as always, $50 flat!

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Console Repair

Video game consoles are essentially just computers, but do require special knowledge and skills over desktop repair. We can fix the common problems consoles have, such as the infamous Red Ring of Death (XBox), Yellow Light of Death (PS3), or Black Screen of Death (Wii), plus many other common and uncommon issues that they may have. Still, just a flat $50 for labor.

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Computer Classes

Want to become more productive at work? Want to know your information and family is safe when using the internet? Want to just understand computers better?

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Web Site Design & Development

Looking to get your business online? Looking to update your outdated web site? Don't know where to get started? Not only do we make the whole process as easy as possible but we're going to let you know a secret about web site design & development...

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Business IT Solutions & Maintenance Plans

When IT support is the problem, NewLine Networks is the solution. We offer temporary plans to get your systems up and running at their best and permanent plans to keep them running at their best. Take a few minutes to see the benefits and the wide variety of support we can offer your organization.

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