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This page is intended for our wonderful customers to help them find the tools and information they need.


Get FREE Anti-Virus Software

Recovering data from one of our backups


Download FREE Anti-Virus from AVG

  1. Click here to go to AVG's website
  2. Click the orange "DOWNLOAD" button
  3. Choose "DOWNLOAD Basic Protection"
  4. Click "Download Now"
  5. Your download will begin, when done run the downloaded file and follow the instructions.


I received a backup disk from you, now what do I do with it?

Depending on the type of backup, and the size of your backup we have a couple different ways that we perform backups. As such there are different ways to recover your data depending on the backup method used.

Small Backups: (Usually Labeled "User Backup") If you had a small enough backup that it would fit on a single disk then after inserting your backup disk you will be able to go to "My Computer", then your cd drive, and open folders and files without having to do any extra work. If you are able to open files and folders as described you have two options...

Option 1: you can leave the files on the disk and access them as needed (you will not be able to save any changes onto the disk).

Option 2: We recommend that you copy all of the files off of the disk onto your computer so that you don't keep all your eggs in one basket. If you see folders labeled "My Documents", "Desktop", "Favorites", etc., then we recommend you copy the included files into the respective locations, i.e. copy the files in the "My Documents" on the CD/DVD to your computer's "My Documents" folder.

Large Backups: (Usually labeled "Full Backup") If your backup was too large to be placed on one disk we likely broke up your backup using a FREE program called 7-Zip which can be downloaded here. 7-Zip is a great tool and the reason we use it is, not only is it free, but it is capable of quickly and effectively splitting up files so that we can spread a backup across multiple disks. If you open your CD/DVD drive and discover only one file that ends with ".7z" or ".7z.001", ".7z.002", ".7z.003", etc., then that is exactly the case.

  1. Download and install 7-Zip
  2. Create a New Folder on your desktop and name it "Backup" or something relevant for your convenience.
  3. Insert Backup Disk 1 and copy the ".7z" or ".7z.001" file to the Backup folder you created on your desktop
  4. Repeat step 3 on Backup disk(s) 2, 3, 4, etc. until you have copied all ".7z.00#" files from all the backup disks to the same folder.
  5. You should now be left with something like this (Click Here)
  6. Open 7-Zip and then go to File -> Open Archive, then select one of the .7z files from your Backup Folder on your desktop.
  7. You will then be presented with the option to extract the files in the 7-Zip backup file(s).
  8. After extracting the files you will either be able navigate through your files and folders and locate what you're searching for.

.v2i File: (Norton Ghost Drive Image): If we performed a full system backup you are now left with a file ending in ".v2i" which is a Norton Ghost Image File. Norton Ghost takes a complete snap shot of your hard drive and we use it because it's one of the best and most accessible backup software for customers. You can download a free trial of Norton Ghost here. After downloading and installing Norton Ghost you will be able to recover all of your files or just the files you need. Most documents, photos, music, and the things important to you are saved in "Documents and Settings" or "Users" (for Vista / Win7), then in the Folder that is named what your user name was.


If you ever have trouble, remember the internet is a vast and information rich place. YouTube has hundreds of videos just on how to use Norton Ghost, 7-Zip, and many other programs. And, as always, we're here to help our customers, call us at 1.386.TotalPC