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About NewLine Networks

The Company, the myth, and hopefully one day... the legend.


Hi, and again thanks for wanting to learn more about me and my company.

I'm Josh Casey, and I've been tinkering with computers ever since my parents bought me my first PC with Windows 3.1. I was the type of kid that would take apart a toaster just to see how it worked, (whether or not I could put it back together is a different story). I would program games on my calculator in class rather than learn about human physiology. I remember the first time I got a nasty email virus and my parents took my system to the nearest computer shop. Even then the prices for computer repair were asinine. I didn't promise my parents that I would never get a computer virus again, but I did promise them that they would never have to pay for it. That was when I started taking apart my computer and learned what did what, and what was compatible with this, and who makes this, or why this is better than that, etc.

Today I have 5 College Degrees, 16 Certifications, and dozens of loyal clients and hundreds of loyal customers. Though I've only officially been in business since 2000, starting as a private contractor, but with the number of clients and constant exposure to all areas in the I.T. industry, I probably have close to 30-40 years combined experience. I've studied and have held positions like CIO, I.T. Director, etc. in all areas of computer repair, server engineering and administration, networking, programming, and more.

I decided from day one that I wanted to give my customers a valuable service and not penalize them just because I haven't seen this virus before or I haven't fixed this type of problem before. I believe in taking care of your customers and they will take care of you. I can't answer why other computer repair shops charge $130-$300+ just to remove a virus, $400+ to replace a laptop screen, why they feel they must completely wipe your system without offering you a chance to salvage your important photos and data, or even answer a majority of the things they do, but what I can answer is how we are able to offer such affordable and convenient, products and services; the answer is simple really... overhead and capability.


I don't want to move too quickly and get in over my head, so I take things cautiously, not slow, but vigilant. What's that mean to you? I buy things as the demand rises, I don't buy useless things that will likely take up space for a year. I'm smart about the products I allow in my store, as well as the employees I hire. The less I pay, the more leverage I have with my distributors, and smarter employees = less overhead. Less overhead for me = savings passed on to you. Sure, I could charge $130 to remove a virus, or $120 just to be competitive, but I know enough about computers, networking, servers, programming, etc., that I really don't have to. There's more than enough business for me out there that I'm not concerned about making $130 on this one job, I'd rather make $50 on 100 jobs.


Since I'm polished in many areas of I.T. I know how to get things done in more ways, faster, or easier. I'm not saying that another computer shop or another web developer can't get the same job done, but more times than not they are only educated and experienced in one area. Would you rather take your car to a guy that has never worked on anything besides alternators? or would you rather take your car to someone that has built cars for years, can design custom electronics, and can tune them to work at their best (and surprisingly he's offering you a better rate)? Seems obvious, doesn't it? So what's the catch? There's always a catch, right? The catch here at NewLine is customer satisfaction. I want you to tell your friends and family about us and our unbelievable prices. I want them to try us out and then tell their friends. Your satisfaction is my success.


"Take care of your customers, and they will take care of you."

-Isadore Sharp (Founder of Four Seasons)